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A few weeks ago I had a big win at the races and decided to treat myself to something I have always wanted. As young may of 25 you continually hear stories that women are in there absolute prime in there late 30's. Its something you hear but I thought its one of those urban myths.

Anyway I decided to test the theory for myself. I reviewed April's profile and it seemed to fit. The photos were good and her profile indicated she was also into fitness which is something I also enjoy.

We exchanged details and set up time to meet. I thought 2 hours would be more than enough.

Well, form from the moment we meet it was on. She basically took told control!! She has the body or a goddess, face they would melt an man, moves like a wild animal and on top of all that she is funny, charming and a real person.

We talked a bit but most of the time is was completely physical and I mean physical.!! she knows things I only dreamt about. She tuned me inside out!!!

After 2 hour I was absolutely spent, the worth thing was …. SHE wanted more!!!

This lady is the one, but be warned she is Hot and very energetic. Boys and men give her a call its a life experience. Yes women are their best in their 30's!!!

Next big win I will be back for more but next time I will be better prepared.

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