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I have to admit, my secret wish has always been to date a gym instructor. I frequently go to jelly in the presence of a fit, lean, muscular lady in gym gear. Browsing through the profiles on Scarlet Blue, April's pictures instantly caught my attention. When I read in her profile that she was, in fact, a gym instructor, I knew I had to meet her. A couple of texts later, April agreed to meet me, for a 'personal training session'. I couldn't have been more excited.

On the big night, April opened the door of her apartment a crack and beckoned me inside. I was gobsmacked when I saw her, sporting the sexiest gym gear I had ever seen - a tiny sports bra and shorty tights. If, like me, you think her pictures are gorgeous, trust me she is even more amazing in the flesh. Not only that, she is so beautiful, and has the sort of cheeky smile that makes a grown man go weak in the knees.

Suffice to say, April gave me a workout I will long remember. I can't believe how flexible she is! Let's just say I am thinking of cancelling my gym membership and putting my body exclusively in the firm, but gentle hands of the sexiest gym instructor in Australia!

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